The After-Effect – “Hang On… Did I Choose The Right Property?”

You may have had this yourself… lots of people go through it. It’s the after-effect. You’ve just committed or are about to commit to buying a property, or maybe you’ve just got the keys in your hand, and that question creeps in and swims around your mind:


“Hang on, did I choose the right property?”


I’ve been through this very recently with an old house, but once I started doing some work on the place I realised that you can always tell yourself you could have pushed for a better deal, or searched longer and found somewhere a bit better for the same money. BUT, what you do have is certainty, because you now have a potential asset in your ownership. Continuing an almost eternal chase for “the perfect property at the perfect price” means you’re less likely to get to that position of certainty, at least within a reasonable timescale, and especially with buyer competition around.


I say, as long as you have a clear vision for the property you buy (you can see where there is potential to improve it, for example) then you can cast away these thoughts very soon after they arrive (because most likely they will arrive). The “what if” syndrome is a very human affliction, but by learning to spot it coming we can minimise how long it visits us for, and send it back where it came from, quickly! If you don’t, you’ll easily fall into wasting valuable time talking yourself around in circles.


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So before you find the property that you commit to, make sure you’ve done solid research whilst still being efficent – do as much as research as you possibly can in the time you have available. Then when you find the property you want to commit to, measure it against your researched criteria. Ask yourself: “Does this property allow me to achieve the particular vision I have in mind?” If it fits and you get the place within the maxiumum price you set, based on your assessment of what similar properties have sold for, then go for it.


Afterwards, if you do find yourself looking back into “what if land”, you can smile to yourself because you’ve bought a ticket to more certainty than you had before. You’re now free to throw yourself into realising your vision for the property because it has become real (yours). Cold and real is good; avoid getting lost in the warm imaginary. Celebrate your decisiveness, and run with it. Keep your perspective.



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