10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Property Investors

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s often tough to dream up a great present to buy for someone close to you. But if they’re into property then you’re in luck, because this list will save you a sleigh full of time…

1. VonHaus Telescopic Portable 3.8m Surveyor’s Ladder

This essential bit of kit is perfect for property viewings. Slot it behind your driver’s seat or pop in your boot and you’ll never again have trouble gaining speedy access to loft areas in vacant properties. Included is a handy carry case which has a padded shoulder strap. This endlessly useful ladder package has attracted in excess of 200 reviews on Amazon (4.5 out of 5 star average rating) and offers good value for money. Giving this as a gift means you’re giving more than just a physical product; you’re giving someone the gift of increased efficiency and a consistent touch of professionalism to future property viewings. A winning formula.

2. Selling to Win by Richard Denny

A classic UK book on the number one skill that all successful people must learn: the ability to sell. In the property world you always need to sell your ideas, proposals, and end products in some way or another. Richard Denny also effectively reminds us of the importance of goal setting, and the success value of maintaining a positive attitude towards our future, all of which is essential to keeping on track in property investment. An inspirational read that’s perfect for fuelling your loved one’s new year resolutions. Any book such as this that helps with getting better at closing deals will be almightily well-received by a property investor. A gold dust gift for an inspirational year to come!


3. Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measurer

Perfect for the gadget-loving property investor is this highly accurate, portable, bestselling Leica room measuring device. Take it on a viewing and double check those property particulars – especially important to accurately assess minimum room size requirements, which are becoming more of a focus in the rental sector. Check your own plans for a property by measuring its dimensions yourself, rather than relying on what may be an inaccurate estate agent’s floorplan. Awarded 4.8 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers means this is a long-term quality, professional, and time-saving gift – the most thoughtful kind for the property person in your life.


4. Exotic Monopoly

We’ve all no doubt played (and loved) the classic British version of Monopoly, competing away for Park Lane and Mayfair – especially with a property investor in the house! But you can take them by surprise this christmas when they unwrap a new Monopoly set with an international twist, like French Monopoly (brown Belleville isn’t so cheap nowadays!), Basque Country Monopoly, or Monopoly Barcelona, and even Monopoly Tropical Tycoon. A great bit of fun for all the family over the christmas period. Teach the kids about property while playing, and boost their foreign language skills at the same time! And you never know, once you get used to Monopolising in another currency, it may lay the seed for a future foreign property investment.


5. Re-Wind Eco Adventure Torch with Built-in Compass

Not your average torch! This one boasts an eco-friendly wind-up design with additional clever features: it has a compass (perfect for assessing light levels at property viewings – is it West or South facing?), also it charges your mobile phone, and the torch itself can be charged from your laptop with the included USB lead. Looks great, made to last, and is ideal for inspecting lofts and boilers buried in the corners of cellars. Again highly reviewed, with 4.6 out of 5 stars, and gives a half an hour of brightness from just one minute of winding. A handy belt clip also comes included. Genius stocking filler alert!


6. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

A vigorous personal development and wealth system-building mindset book; it’s not directly about property, but guides the reader towards ways of building business income to fund long term appreciating investments, such as property. It’s an inspiring read, and has an impact in blowing away those “happy to settle for second-best” kind of moments. Good gift for someone who could do with a lift to make their plans come to life. This book doesn’t pull its punches, but whoever you buy it for won’t forget it, and that you gave it to them. A cheap stocking filler that could have a big impact on someone close to you? Yes. An easy buy that they’ll thank you for.

7. Black & Decker Cordless Hammer Drill

An irresistibly useful tool that delivers a nice “wow” moment when the Christmas wrapping paper’s pulled off. Property investment goes hand-in-hand with property maintenance, and it’s always wise to have tools to hand. Essential tool for any property person’s repertoire; takes care of those difficult to reach jobs. Surely nothing says I love you more than a power tool!


8. Interior Design Books

The property investors in your life could always do with fresh inspiration for presenting property for sale or rent, and these books are just the ticket. Finishing the final presentation is always the fun, most satisfying part, so anyone involved in this will be grateful for more imagination-fuelling material. Catch them with this thoughtful gift before they finish their next project!

The Great Interior Design Challenge – Decorate Your Home With Style is packed with design ideas and tips, and proves from the reviews to be a popular gift buy for those with an eye for property staging. Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in the House provides room-by-room style advice from a range of designers, so is a solid resource to dip in and out of for property investors when it comes to polishing the end stage of their projects.

9. Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne & Bucket Gift Set

Spot on for the property flipper who regularly celebrates! With its leather handle and gold panel, this bucket has a far more prestigious look than the plain equivalents found in restaurants, making it such a striking gift of quality. And if your friend or family member has one already then, oh well, they’ll have a ready-made excuse to expand the numbers they celebrate with. Perfect, sleek present for the discerning investor.


10. And for New Year’s Resolution considerations, Buy Property in Budapest With Confidence: 100 Tips

The only publication that gives you the lowdown on how to buy well in the Budapest property market. Why not find out if this thriving capital city is an opportunity for you? This efficient ebook’s 100 tips can easily be digested in the downtime moments between Christmas and New Year. You’re sick of the festive TV, we will be too. Use that time to learn something completely new and broaden your horizons with this indispensible guide.

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Merry Christmas from propertywithconfidence.com!

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